When a guy wants to break up

This post can be considered as “Dummies guide to figure out when a guy want to Break up” :Conceited: . Now this is self-evident – “When it come to girls, most of the guys are jerks”. Damn right …those chicks who were unaware of this, churn this out and drink it up.But, just like every other law, there are exceptions.I’ve seen some blind guys, who can’t see anything other than their girl.We wont talk about them, because they don’t have their say :Tounge-Out: .

Time for some drum roll !!

So when we want break up, we will try to reach new height to become biggest jerks. Guys don’t like to do the dirty work.We expect you break up, realizing that the guy is not “the one”.

So watch out girls.. We can show you the path, but you’ll have to walk through it. :Who-s-the-man:


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