Trying to sleep during night (Attempt 1)

Now,Its 4.02am and I’ve got this thing in my mind..Hence forth I’ll sleep during night.
I bundled up all my nocturnal stuffs around 3.58 am ( tats right b4 4am).

Within two more days I’ll finish ’em up around 3am and will go on reducing it till I get the 2am feat.

Anyway today I’m happy for four things ::

1.I don’t have a girl friend (not out of context to mention that I cherish NULL_GF state quite often).

2.I cracked a password protected rar archive containing a black hat book .I had to carry out brute force and the archive was with me for around 2 weeks…

3.I got paid 50$ for some nifty gray hat job.

4.I don’t have go to college tomorrow .

Now …good night to me..bye.

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