This is called attitude !!

~When it rains, there is a dry patch where i have walked.

~The Earth does’nt orbit around the sun, the sun orbits me.

~Shakespeare is my pet name.

~I have seen Every movie ever made. My favorite is land before time.

~If u google “ME GETTIN KICKED”..u wil get null results bcoz it jus doesnt happen.

~I can slam a revolving door.

~It takes ME 20 minutes to watch the show ’60 MINUTES’.

~My home has no doors..only walls thru which i walk.

~I once ate an entire bottle of sleeping pills..nd this made me just blink.

~My every step creates a mini whirlwind..’tsunami’ was the result of a morning jog.

~Whn thrz a will thrz a way..but wen thrz me thrz no other way.

~I sleep with a night light, not because i am afraid of the dark, the dark is affrid of me.

~There is no proof of evolution, just a list of creatures i have alowed to live.

~My day is 25 hours long. I use the extra hour for Orkuting.

~Sun rises from the east because at that time i am sleeping facing west.

~Space is expanding in a worthless attempt to escape me.

~I never have to do laundry. The dirt jumps off of my clothing because i tell it to.

~I never have to iron my clothes, i just threaten them stiff.

~I invented water just so i could walk on it.

~Osama bin laden was never hiding from the United States, he was hiding from me.

~I am the world’s largest Prime Number.

~I have counted upto infinity..twice.

~I painted the Mona Lisa by looking at a torn piece of paper.

~Wen I do a push up i ain’t lifting myself up but i am pushing the earth down.

~I am so fast tht i can run around the world nd punch myself on the back.

~I gave Monalisa tht smile.

~I dont wear a watch..rather..i decide what time it is.

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