Odias in bengaluru

I’m very keen about these name changes .. Take Bengaluru or Odisha, these names kind of keep the essence of a culture and its hoi polloi.Anyway just like many other graduates and post-graduates from Odisha (kudos to mushrooming of engineering colleges), I also came to a Bengaluru to pursue my career as a software engineer. :Happy-Grin:
But, soon I was flabbergasted to see many other Odias.We have even formed a small Odisha here in Marathahalli to KR puram area.Take out any evening and walk past Marathahalli bridge, you’ll hear our very famous ‘M word’ for sure. :Censored: When we pal up with anyone from different region, this is the very first word they learn.
Literally Odia fellows are everywhere in this city.We work as senior managers, consultants, bankers, engineers, security guards and some have even started hotel business.With the prowess of Odia sweets, they are growing like anything.Yes, we are the people, you deal with everyday.
Odia guys never relinquish their mother-tongue and with this statement chicks are excluded.Most of us have Odia accent in English.. we pronounce some of the words in such way that the very meaning is changed.Go ahead and read… this way you can distinguish us.
Here goes some of the words :
Work (Wark)
One (Wan)
Suggest (Sawggest)
Sir (Sar)
Odia chicks are very good in English pronunciation.So, refrain yourself trying these on girls.
But almost all of us make some mistakes in Hindi.. like ..
Bus aata hai
Dhoop tha
Time wait nahi karti
Hell ,we get confused ..This is because of the fact that Odia language is devoid of gender.See how we don’t discriminate on the basis of gender. :Whistling:
Now, I don’t feel like writing anything else .. Au revoir :Bye:

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