I don’t give a damn to the title

It’s 6.40 am now and after a about 3 months I’m updating my personal blog.Hence forth I’ll update it more frequently (no ..my fingers are not crossed).

Well I surfed the internet whole night and banging google like anything just like every other night.I did port scanning of 4 web servers and kept data of all the applications running behind those pretty looking juicy ports.All of them have got hell lot of open ports and exploits are available for most of the applications.

Last night I logged into Orkut and a scrap from a friend of mine was waiting for me.The scrap got a link with a single line “just check it out”.My insane index finger clicked the link ,which got me into Orissa Engineering College tech fest website and straightway I decided to participate in paper presentation (..I also scanned their server ).

These days I’m concerned about two things ::

I’m a bit worried about my tech blog.Coz,to my utter dismay google will go hard on the blog for my sponsored review work which has become a source for some easy pocket money.

One more thing about my obsession with H+ve attitude (Hack positive :D). All I can think of is man in the middle attack ,XSS,DDOS attack, some ARP spoofing, WEP Key..etc .. It’s taking over me .

Hey ..dats it ..I’m getting weird or wired !! signing out …
Bye my beloved weird wild web.. We’ll meet soon.

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