Hey !! What am I doing here ??

So why are we here ??

What is the very cause behind our sole existence ??

Is there anything assigned to us ??

What can I do in this dizzying space ??

These are questions haunting me from my childhood !!

In this regard i’m just conveying some of my convictions …

Perhaps it is our evolutionary obligation to search the depth of our own souls, and bring the buried treasure we find there to the surface.But,For that we must know reality or eternal truth.
Then what is truth ?If we say what we see,smell,touch blah blah blah are true or real..I must say they are just electrochemical.signals interpreted by our mind..I believe to know the truth we need to know source..Just click on the following link and u will know what i mean.


So what we see may not be always true….:)

If a planet is barn…we may not know..still it has something to do.All of us even every single entity has something to do .We are not here to earn money,play golf,marry and have babies. That’s not our purpose to indulge in the never ending cycle which is implanted within us from the very beginning.At least those things are not everything.

I’m just another 20 year old guy and my thought process may not tug at the heart of every other person.Many say we are here for God to spread humanity and make this world better.I don’t know what is there in God and I don’t wanna get into age old controversy about existence of God .I have devised something which I’ll be following for rest of my life.

I believe we are here to recognize the desire ,the urge and the instinct that comes from the deepest part our heart or may be our brain (the source thing) & eventually follow the blueprint provided to us. Again that is the most difficult part coz there are always different paths which are shown to us .But,they can only shown.We’ve to choose one and walk through it.In simple words we should do something which we can enjoy. When we tend to satisfy ourselves ,somewhat reach threshold point the next thing is to indulge primarily into helping out others & make our surrounding (at least) a better place to best of our abilities.

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