Girlfriend’s beauty : A Parameter of Your Confidence

Finally watched a ballast and swaggering movie “Moneyball”, which shows how statistical model was used to win baseball matches.But, our spotlight is not on the movie.I’ll point out perception of a baseball scout depicted in the flick.

He’s got an ugly girlfriend… ugly girlfriend means no confidence !!

According to him a guy with a 6 pointer girlfriend, can’t be confident.Forget about those with 5 pointers .. :Overjoy:

Does it really work that way ??
What if the guy is ugly !! Um.. from my perspective, yeah I do agree with this. Given chance, every other guy would go for a hot chick. :You-re-HOT: You obviously don’t wanna get stuck with some creature.

Despo guys usually end up with such chicks and this doesn’t include guys with rich and ugly girl-friends.Nevertheless, life to short to date ugly girls. :Devilish:

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