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I’m quite unique ..this said, it won’t be out of context to mention that I’m an software engineer with aspiration to get an MBA degree. :Wink: So, this year I started writing papers for all the major entrance tests .. like CAT,NMAT,SNAP,XAT.Reaching center, air port or railway station in time always freaks me out.That’s why I always breeze in to the scene 2 hours before the reporting time.There is one thing I always notice in all the test centers – the common creatures among aspirants.

1.The cell phone addict: This variant is common among both of the genders. But, the number is certainly more in fairer sex.Now, this creature would pop in with an ear phone which is more like an integral part of their body.They will continue chirping till the very last minute of entry and this includes vexing their neighbor in the queue.

2.The sweet couple: They will arrive at the center much before the scheduled time.Once they reach, the guy would man up and find a secluded place for revision.Irony is the fact that his chick will do the all work while he stares at the material.Another less found variant of this couple species would quietly sit and chit chat with frequent giggles.

3.Chatty chicks: This one has two to three chicks and they may or may not be knowing each other.But, they would instantly pal up to discuss about SNAP fiasco, auto-wala’s unfair rent, GK material and remote location of the center.But, finally the nail polish, hair and sandal would get the lime light in their conversation.

P.S I was the poor chap sitting next to them in the waiting room.

4.The fantastic four: This is a group of guys and girls who come storming in to the center.They would choose a scape goat among them and start effing with his/her mind until they find another one.

5.The Silent chick : She would land up well before time and quickly get into a corner.Most of the time her parents accompany her and within no time she would revise everything.With a brief prayer, she’ll get into the hall.

P.S. Please don’t bring your mom and dad to these exam centers.This is not some nursery.I should rephrase this as “Grow up kiddo !!”

6.The Tensed Guy:This guy would reach late sweating his blood out and straightaway talk to the officials, some other examinees regarding the supporting documents and all.My word of advice – “Get your ass out there before time”. :Tired:

7.The fashionista: This one is usually some random chick with high heels, carefully done make up and incessantly flaunting her beauty. Now, this one is real stress reliever and here is my token of appreciation for the hardship.Please keep up !! :Approve:

8.The silent observer: This creepy fellow would take a note of others and write it up in his blog. :Whistling:

9 thoughts on “Exam center scenario

  1. oh come on who talks about nail polish, hair sandals…just before the exam?there are hell lot of things to talk about…

  2. sometimes u can’t go to exam centers own by own coz of the distance so ‘mom dad comes into picture ‘:P..anyhow…nice post :)

  3. yeaah…when did i say ‘the silent chick ‘ brings whole family on exam center? it was just to say that sm1 elder accompanies when center is far away :|

  4. @monica : Do you belong to the same league of CHATTY CHICKS ??? Y are u so concerned on wat is written about them ?? :P
    @preetish : Lol :D

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