10 reasons why you should switch to linux

1)U always wanted control over things u handle,and u thought that humans control computer and not the other way round
2)U can’t spell,buy,beg,borrow or steal an antivirus
3)U don’t know/can’t do defragmentation of hard drives
4)U like things done quickly and again quickly
5)U hate typing administrator and prefer typing root(Oh yeah! I am root!)
6)U have pulled almost all ur hair becoz of windows xp which hangs every five minutes
7)U like free things,U support anti-piracy and open source and also pity the people who died after watching the BSOD of windows xp
8)U liked being called a geek,a computer guy,or watever thats pleasant
9)U have lost a lot of your important data after reinstalling windows many times due to system errors and spyware attacks
10)U feel that a change is good(trust me this change is great!)

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